1. Contract of sale
2. Pay 30% of the property value
3. Copy of the passport
4. Bank statement from TRNC
5. Purchase Application
6. Medical tests
7. Certificate of residence in Northern Cyprus
8. State stamps and duties


Contract of sale

You will need a Purchase and Sale Agreement for real estate suitable for family living and used for its intended purpose.


Copy of the passport

Copy of the passport


Pay 30% of the property value

Real estate must be paid at least 30% of the cost under the contract registered in the tax and land registry of the TRNC.
How much should be shown in the bank?
You will need an extract from the TRNC bank confirming that there are enough funds on the account to live in the country.
The equivalent is the Northern Cyprus Minimum Wage of 15,000 Lira multiplied by 3 x 12 months for each adult family member.


Bank statement from TRNC

Statement must be provided from a bank in Northern Cyprus
– It is enough to show a statement for the amount of 10.000 GBP for each adult family member.
– This amount is calculated based on the annual minimum wage in Northern Cyprus. This means that 30.000 euros for a family of 2 adults and children will be enough.
– After obtaining a residence permit, this money can be used, but when prolonging after a year, you again need to show a bank statement.
– If the property was bought on credit or by installments, then you must additionally show income or an amount in a bank account equal to the monthly payment.


Purchase Application

Application for the purchase of real estate
A document confirming that your lawyer has submitted an application to the TRNC Council of Ministers.

Сertificate of good conduct
You will need a standard certificate of good conduct obtained by you at the place of residence in the name of the owner specified in the contract for the purchase of real estate.

Copies of the following documents:
Copy of the applicant’s passport.
– If there are children – a copy of the passport and birth certificate of children.
– If you are married – a marriage certificate and a copy of your spouse’s passport.
– Grab a couple of recent photos.


Medical tests

– Medical tests that you will need to pass in Northern Cyprus in the direction of the immigration service (test results for hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV).
– Cost of tests: ~15 euros per person.
– The cost of medical insurance is ~25 euros.


Certificate of residence in Northern Cyprus

Data on entry and residence in Cyprus
– Arrival stamp in Northern Cyprus.
– Certificate from the local headman of the district where you will be living in the TRNC.


State stamps and duties

State duty
– State stamps and duties:
– Stamps – 3 euros.
– State fee for a residence permit for 1 year ~ 40 euros.